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Enjoy a smooth wireless experience with the TP-Link High nguồn wireless N router. Featuring high-gain external antennas, this WiFi router offers stronger connections over greater distances. This router boosts WiFi signal reception and helps eliminate WiFi dead spots caused by walls và barriers. This easy-to-use router can also serve sầu as a range extender or a wireless access point for greater WiFi coverage.

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Bring trang chủ this router & experience a seamless internet connection. Equipped with high-gain antennas and high-power amplifiers, this router makes for a svào and stable wireless signal, so you can browse the Internet or watch online videos without any interruptions.

High-gain antennas aid in enhancing the reception & sensitivity of the router to create svào connections over greater distances. This offers stable internet access for all your connected devices.

With a power output of up khổng lồ 1000 mw*1, the amplifiers ensure that the wireless signal is svào enough khổng lồ penetrate walls và other obstacles.

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Boasting a dramatically expanded wireless coverage và significantly reliable connections, this router lets you enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi in every part of your trang chủ be it your living room or your study room.

Even after passing through walls and barriers, the signal from this router remains svào, ensuring that the wireless signal remains stable over longer distances.

This product is much more than a router. It can function as a range extender or a wireless access point as per your convenience - quite versatile, isn't it?

Setting up this router is pretty smooth, thanks to lớn the intuitive sầu website interface & the powerful Tether ứng dụng.