Tencent"s release ofPUBG Mobile has naturally garnered a lot of attention thanks to lớn its high profile name và solid gameplay on sản phẩm điện thoại devices. But as we all are well aware, shooters often control poorly on touchscreens. This is why many players have sầu resorted khổng lồ using Android emulators to get their PUBG Smartphone fix. The main reason, of course, would be khổng lồ take advantage of the superior mouse và keyboard controls.

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The problem is this isn"t good for the player base since there is no way to evenly compete on a touchscreen device against those using a more tactile và precise control method. This is why Tencent has released an in-house emulator called Tencent Gaming Buddy. Now you can jump into lớn a PUBG di động match from your PC with the publisher"s blessing. And if you are worried this will split the user base further, rest assured that Tencent has already found a solution. Tencent Gaming Buddy will only match you against other players using the emulator.

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If you watch the video clip linked above sầu you can get a sense of what this emulator offers. More or less all of the PUBG Mobile"s controls are now mapped lớn your mouse and keyboard, though some implementations aren"t great. So you may have to fiddle around with them until you find a layout that works best for you. What"s nice is that you can switch bachồng & forth from the direct controls khổng lồ navigating with your mouse by using the tilde button. So even if you get stuchồng on some setting you don"t know the keyboard commvà for, you can switch khổng lồ the mouse pointer khổng lồ hit the onscreen button just as you would on a touchscreen with your finger.

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When it comes to lớn performance, well, it isn"t all that great. My 7700k và GTX 1080 should chew through the game lượt thích butter, but sadly this is not the case. I was unable lớn get a framerate counter working, but it"s clear that it plays under 60fps, at least on the highest settings. Really I would say it was closer lớn 20fps. After I lowered the graphics lớn 1080p & smooth, the framerate was much more acceptable, though the gameplay still feels a little janky in a few areas.


One annoying issue I noticed is when you choose lớn display the game in fullscreen by hitting F11. The Windows 10 taskbar pushes the game window below your monitor"s bottom bezel. This cuts off a few buttons & makes their functions difficult to read, but if you are familiar with the game, it shouldn"t be too much of an issue. Really my main problem with this bug is that it doesn"t look nice. I would much prefer a more polished experience, but I tover to lớn be a stickler when it comes lớn visual issues, so your mileage may vary.


So yeah, there you have sầu it. Tencent has created an emulator for PUBG Smartphone in order khổng lồ curb all of the players already doing so with their own solutions. The idea is that if this works better than playing with a third-buổi tiệc nhỏ emulator, you will choose to lớn use this, which will then result in splitting mouse and keyboard players from the touchscreen-only user base, thus alleviating any complaints of cheating. It"s still unclear whether users are actively dropping their solutions for the more streamlined experience of using Tencent Gaming Buddy, but I would hope the majority choose to bởi vì so sooner rather than later, as no one enjoys playing with cheaters.