An unadventurous bit of supernhân vật housekeeping that only exists to lớn clean up the mess that “Avengers: Endgame” left behind.

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“Spider-Man: Far From Home”


Quite the opposite, in fact. While no one goes khổng lồ a superhero movie expecting documentary realism, “Far From Home” is hard lớn swallow even by the standards of a franchise in which one of the major characters is a space raccoon who sends emails khổng lồ Scarlett Johansson. Most of the MCU has required people to lớn suspover disbelief, but this installment demands that viewers expel it entirely; the amount of brain-checking labor is off-the-charts absurd, & bleeds into lớn some of the later fight scenes in a way that strips them of their most basic visual pleasures và detracts from their narrative purpose.

As tempting as it is to applaud Marvel for scaling things down with its Spider-Man films — taking a larger-than-life saga & shrinking it to lớn a human level before things get intergalactic again in Phase 4 — “Far from Home” has an uneasy relationship with the teen elements. Stunted as they might be, the bits between Peter and MJ are still where the movie is at its best, but their screen-time together is far too limited for their to lớn be a real foundation between them.

MJ in particular feels like she has so much going on under the surface, but these films keep punting it further down the field. And Peter, who has khổng lồ prove sầu who he is lớn himself before he can be ready lớn reveal his identity to lớn the world, is mostly just annoyed by the chase. There’s no anguish there, as there was when he strained khổng lồ hold a severed ferry together during “Homecoming,” or as there was when Tobey Maguire stopped a subway train from launching into lớn the sea. There’s just FOMO and uncertainty and the feeling that people will believe sầu in anything —no matter how dangerous it might be — before they believe in themselves.

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At the over of “Far From trang chủ,” Peter Parker finally reaches the place where he feels lượt thích he can live up to the potential that Tony Stark saw in hyên ổn. The journey there has been witty and winding, full of silly asides và another great Tony Revolori bit where he waxes poetic about how Spider-Man is the best in all of us, only khổng lồ turn around & nonchalantly hotline Peter a “dickwad” straight to lớn his face. But the Spider-Man we find at the end of the movie is no different than the one we met at the start; he’s more confident now, & ready to accept a truth of his own kiến thiết, but you can’t help but feel like he could have sầu learned all of the same things without leaving Queens or wasting our time.

Grade: C

Sony will release “Spider-Man: Far From Home” in theaters on Tuesday, July 2.

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