Like its predecessors, Windows 10 can be configured by organizations khổng lồ limit user access khổng lồ certain settings and features. From a consumer standpoint, you may have encountered one of these business-specific options when, during the Windows 10 upgrade process, you were asked “who owns this PC?” with either you or your organization as the possible answers.

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Now head back khổng lồ a location where you previously encountered the “Some settings are managed by your organization” message. You should see that the message is now gone và that you have sầu full access to lớn your Windows 10 settings.

Next, clichồng on Privacy.
Then, if it isn’t already, cliông chồng on Optional diagnostic data, this used lớn be labeled as Full. As implied, this will skết thúc baông chồng significantly more data for Windows to lớn analyze.

Removing Work or School Accounts to lớn Fix the Error

If the steps above didn’t solve your problem, then you might need lớn delete some accounts associated with your school or work.

Again, cliông chồng on the Start menu & select Settings
Now, click on Access work or school.

30 thoughts on “How to Fix the “Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization” Bug in Windows 10”

Chris says:
I noticed this when trying khổng lồ fix another problem but I have sầu only seen it in the Accounts – Sign in options with the ‘Use sign in info khổng lồ automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart’ option being greyed out. I read elsewhere that this particular one can be caused by anti vi khuẩn suites. To your knowledge, would this make sense?
Steven says:
January 27, 2021 at 6:34 pm
Fixed it on my Win 10 machine. Here’s how:

Open Gpedit.msc, navigate khổng lồ Administrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsWindows UpdateConfigure Automatic Updates

Change from Enabled lớn Not Configured

Guto says:
February 19, 2021 at 10:22 am
If you can’t use gpedit.msc or you didn’t find any policy active or enabled, you’ll need to lớn dig into Windows Registry to find the culprit registry key which is causing the message in Settings app.

There is no fixed way lớn find the registry key which is causing the message in Settings tiện ích. It might be a DWORD or String value somewhere lying in registry which is forcing Windows 10 khổng lồ show the message in Settings ứng dụng.

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Most of the time, “Some settings are managed by your organization” message shows on Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update page. If you are also getting the message on Windows Update page and want to lớn remove it, following steps will help you:

1. Open Registry Editor using regedit command in RUN dialog box or tìm kiếm box.

2. Now go khổng lồ following key:


3. If you find any key under WindowsUpdate key, delete it.

Also check in right-side pane, if you find any DWORD, String, etc, delete it.

Restart your computer và the “Some settings are managed by your organization” message will disappear from Windows Update page in Settings.

NOTE: If you see the message on Personalization pages such as Background, Colors, Lock Screen, Themes, Fonts, etc, then you’ll need khổng lồ check following registry key:


Kerry Chipman says:
September 28, 20đôi mươi at 10:03 am
My GPedit Allow Telemetry has 3 options but option 3 is not “Full” it says “Optional”.I still see the ‘managed by your org’ message in windows update.