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The Bottom Line

The Sony SRS-XB12 packs a powerful punch for such a tiny speaker, & its waterproof build adds value lớn its already affordable price.

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Sony SRS-XB12 Specs

Physical Connections3.5mm
Voice AssistantNone

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There"s no shortage of tiny, portable Bluetooth speakers that purport khổng lồ deliver powerful audio in a waterproof thiết kế. The Sony SRS-XB12, however, is the rare example that lives up lớn its claims. At $59.99, it"s affordable, and its IP67 rating means it"s fully waterproof. As for audio, the SRS-XB12 really does pack a wallop for a speaker its kích thước. Those seeking truly powerful sound need to spend more on a larger system, but if a small speaker is your main priority, the audio output here is truly impressive, and worthy of our Editors" Choice.

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Measuring roughly 3.7 by 3.0 inches (HW) và weighing in at 8.6 ounces, the cylindrical SRS-XB12 is available in black, blue, gray, green, or red models, and is small enough to lớn throw in a tote or even a large coat with deep pockets. Its single 46milimet driver fires upward and is protected by a metallic grille—the rest of the speaker"s exterior is a matte rubbery texture. Internally, the driver also gets help from a passive sầu radiator. Beneath a covered panel, there"s a micro USB port for the included charging cable, a remix pinhole button, & a 3.5mm aux input đầu vào (there"s no included cable for the input).

Across the base of the speaker, there is a control panel with buttons for power, volume up/down, play/pause (which doubles as Hotline answer/kết thúc, or skips tracks with multiple clicks), & an Add button that allows you to pair with another Sony speaker and assign one as the left or right channel in a stereo pair.

The bottom panel of the SRS-XB12 is rubberized just like the rest of the exterior. That said, the speaker produces so much bass vibration for its kích thước, it will definitely dance across tabletops and possibly jump right off on certain tracks. Thus, the attached lanyard is a thiết kế element we approve sầu of và recommended using when cranking things up.