Samsung is making great progress with its Android 11 rollout, here's when you can expect your update to lớn lvà.

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Samsung has never been at the front of the line lớn roll out the lathử nghiệm Android updates. That said, the OEM has made strides in the last few years khổng lồ push new versions quicker. Now, the big question is which Samsung Galaxy devices will get their Android 11 updates first. Luckily for you, the process has already started, so let’s dive sầu in.

Samsung Android 11 update: Which phones have sầu already received it?


As we said, Samsung isn’t always the fasdemo when it comes lớn updates. Part of this delay is due to the OneUI updates that are required. As a result, Samsung tends lớn start with the most recent devices and work its way baông xã lớn the oldest models. So far, you’ll find the Android 11 update on the Galaxy S20 series (including the FE), Note 10 & 20 series, Galaxy S10 series, và all of Samsung’s folding phones.

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The lathử nghiệm Samsung Galaxy S21 devices shipped with Android 11 already onboard, so you won’t have sầu khổng lồ worry about those until Android 12 rolls around. More recently, Samsung pushed the Android 11 update to its mid-range Galaxy M phones và certain Galaxy A units. For a quiông xã recap of which devices are updated, check here:

Galaxy S

S21/S21 Plus/S21 UltraS20/Străng tròn Plus/Străng tròn Ultra/S20 FES10/S10 Plus/S10 5G/S10E/S10 Lite

Galaxy Note

lưu ý 20/chú ý đôi mươi Ultracảnh báo 10/cảnh báo 10 Plus/lưu ý 10 Lite

Galaxy M


Galaxy Z

Fold/Fold 2Flip/Flip 5G

Galaxy A


Galaxy Tab

S7/S7 PlusS6/S6 LiteTab ATab Active 3/Tab Active sầu ProS5e


Galaxy XCover Pro/Galaxy XCover 4S

If you want more information on which regions have sầu received the update, feel không lấy phí lớn explore our Android 11 update hub at the liên kết.

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Samsung’s One UI 3.0/Android 11 update roadmap


Although Samsung has made solid progress with its Android 11 update rollout, the journey is far from over. We’re working with Samsung’s official roadmaps for now, so this should be your best guess regarding when your phone will receive sầu the update. Some users may not see an update until the over of summer, but it’s worth looking forward to lớn. Here is the schedule as we know it so far:

August 2021

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)Samsung Galaxy A30S
Samsung Galaxy A20SSamsung Galaxy A10S (Egypt)

September 2021

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019)Samsung Galaxy A10

News of this One UI 3.0 and Android 11 update roadmaps comes not long after Samsung pledged to lớn bring three generations of Android version updates khổng lồ select devices. You can check out the full các mục of eligible devices at the links.

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