If it’s time to lớn start looking for a new iPhone but you aren’t concerned about having all the lathử nghiệm bells & whistles, then looking at older models can be a great option — and a little more cost-friendly. But where vày you even start? This article will vị a side-by-side comparison of iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, going over the similarities and differences between the two devices.

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What’s the difference between iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus?

Usually, when an iPhone gets a number bump, there are quite a few notable upgrades. But in the case of iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, most of those upgrades are internal, meaning that the casing and thiết kế of these phones are nearly identical. Telling them apart in the wild might prove sầu difficult. That being said, some of the more prominent differences that phối the iPhone 8 Plus apart include:

Improved camera featuresFast-charging enabledQi-compatible wireless chargingOverall performance bump

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iPhone 7 Plus vs. iPhone 8 Plus: The camera

The good news is that the camera on iPhone 8 Plus is identical to lớn the one that comes with iPhone 7 Plus. It’s a dual-lens 12-megapx camera that offers a wide-angle và telephokhổng lồ lens. But the iPhone 8 Plus does edge out the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus thanks to lớn additional features và settings that simply aren’t available on the older phone.

For photography, iPhone 8 Plus comes with Portrait Lighting. At its core, Portrait Lighting is an improved version of Portrait Mode, allowing you to lớn adjust the lighting on your pictures khổng lồ give them more of a studio feel. Another nâng cấp to lớn the camera allows you to shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second for some high-res slow-mo fun (iPhone 7 Plus was only able khổng lồ shoot 4k at 30fps).

iPhone 7 Plus vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Battery life và charging

When it comes khổng lồ the battery on iPhone 8 Plus, it’s actually a little smaller than the one on iPhone 7 Plus. But thankfully, the new processors inside iPhone 8 Plus require less energy, so the battery lasts about the same amount of time. Both models boast a talk time of over 21 hours & more than 13 hours of video clip playbachồng.

Where the two phones differ, however, is in their charging capabilities. iPhone 8 Plus is Qi-enabled, meaning it’s able to wirelessly charge with any Qi-charger. It is also fast-charging enabled, so you can use one of Apple’s 18w fast chargers & get up to lớn 50% in about 30 minutes.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Performance

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two iPhones is in their CPUs or processors. iPhone 8 Plus has Apple’s more recent A11 Bionic chip, which runs about 25% faster than the A10 chip in iPhone 7 Plus. This means that switching between apps will be faster, & you’ll be able to lớn run more intensive apps on iPhone 8 Plus.

Which is better, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus?

It’s no surprise that based on sheer specs, iPhone 8 Plus is the better phone. But iPhone 7 Plus isn’t exactly a dud, either. iPhone 7 Plus was a great phone when it was released và is still an incredible phone at its current price point.

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Another thing lớn keep in mind with iPhone 7 Plus is its storage capacity. It comes in 32 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB. The latter two are more than manageable; it’s the 32 GB baseline option that you’ll want lớn be aware of. You may need to lớn utilize some cloud storage lượt thích Google Drive or iCloud Drive sầu to lớn help you out. Meanwhile, iPhone 8 Plus drops the 32 GB size in favor of 64 GB & 256 GB options.

While iPhone 7 Plus và iPhone 8 Plus have their share of differences, they have even more similarities — much lượt thích iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.After all, iPhone 8 Plus was more of a performance increase than a genuinely new mã sản phẩm. Both are still excellent phones và can run the lathử nghiệm iOS 13. Either one would be a great upgrade!