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Adobe Acrobat Professional DCIt is fully updated desktop version of the world"s best solutions for working with PDF files. The composition of this solution includes a di động application that allows you lớn sign and skết thúc PDF files as well as fill out forms from any device. It includes smart features that provide additional opportunities for interaction. And with the help of cloud services Document Cloud, you can create, export, edit và trachồng PDF files, open them in any website browser. The lachạy thử versions of the files will always be at your fingertips no matter what device you are using. It is the perfect tool for kinh doanh & technical specialists.FEATURES:• Your office will be as thiết bị di động as you are.Appendix Acrobat DC, supplemented by Document Cloud services include a variety of tools khổng lồ convert and edit PDF documents, as well as adding to lớn their signatures. You can use it anywhere. Start creating a document in the office, modify it on the way home page & skết thúc the final version for approval already out of the house - it"s fast, easy và convenient.• Acrobat DC works wonders.Now you can edit any document, even if you have sầu on hand is only a paper version. Simply take a picture of it with your smartphone và open in a desktop application. Acrobat on your eyes turn a pholớn into a PDF tệp tin that can be edited on the tablet. In this case, you can use additional fonts of the same type as in the original document.• Electronic signatures. Everywhere.Services Acrobat DC lớn add electronic signatures are used in more than one billion devices worldwide. Anyone can put on a document signature that has legal effect, simply by swiping the touch device or making a few clicks in the browser. Acrobat DC - not just a handy app lớn add signatures. It allows you to easily skết thúc, traông chồng & store documents signed.• sign the document as soon as possible.A beautiful touch user interface.New cảm ứng UI Acrobat DC simplifies access to the necessary tools và takes into lớn tài khoản all the features of di động devices. Try it and you will never change it to any other.• Merge files.Store all materials in one document. Combine và organize documents, spreadsheets, e-mail messages & other files into lớn a single PDF document.• Scan lớn PDF.Convert paper documents into editable PDF files searchable. Copy & paste text for reuse in multiple documents.• Standardization of daily operations with PDF format.The sequence of actions when creating PDF files is always the same. Just follow the step by step instructions on the screen.• PDF files protection.Providing file sharing, you can be sure of their safety. Block copy and edit the contents of your PDF documents.• Create fillable forms.Convert existing paper documents, Word files, and PDF forms into electronic forms that are easy to fill out & sign.• Access to lớn tools from any device.Get access to the PDF tools và the recently opened files from the office, from a trang chính computer or a Mobile device.WHAT’S NEW ?What changed me:- Integrated software updates that make the original version inlớn a version 17.009.20044.- Added the Installer menu Box-adapted version. Made it in the image and likeness of a similar thực đơn for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.- In the Craông xã folder contains detailed instructions and additional tools for activating the program.How lớn activate:- = Method 1. Keygene = -1. Break the connection lớn the network. To vị this, either disconnect the network cable from the computer or the software interrupt the connection. Alternatively, for a software disconnect found in the system tray near the clock network connection ibé, clichồng on the right mouse button, the pop-up window at the bottom, select "Network Management và Sharing Center" (xuất hiện Network và Sharing Center) , in the opened window lớn the left clichồng on "Change adapter settings" (Change adapter settings), to change the rules of the current window or a new window opens, select responsible for your Internet connection, clichồng on the right mouse button và select "Disable" (Disable).2. On behalf of the administrator run the patcher Check_Disable.cmd thư mục Craông xã Keygene . To do this, right-cliông xã on the tệp tin và select the drop-down thực đơn "Run as Administrator" (Run as Administrator).3. Start the installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Make sure that the box where is prompted to enter a serial number or use the trial version, select "I have a serial number" (I have sầu a serial number) . Run the keygen Activation_Keyren.exe cộ folder Craông chồng Keygen , Generate with the help of a key, enter it in the appropriate field Adobe Acrobat Pro DC & cliông chồng "Install" Installer (Install).NOTE: Either do not cthua keygen window to finish the installation & activation process, or save sầu somewhere the key - he"ll still need!NOTE: If you want khổng lồ be "on board" at the same time more than one language of the interface, then cliông xã "Configure" (Customize) và specify that you need Languages (Languages).4. When the installation is complete, run the installed Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and accept the license agreement. In the next window, among other things, will liên kết "Unable khổng lồ connect to lớn the Internet?" (Having trouble connecting lớn the internet? ). Click on it! In the window that opens, cliông chồng the "offline activation" (Offline Activation), & in the next window, "Generate request code" button (Generate Request Code).5. Again back to lớn keygens Activation_Keygen.exe và making sure that the generated field Serial registered before you key in the Request copy the "Request code" (Request Code) from the window of activation of the Autonomous. Then click GENERATE and the result of the field Activation drag the "Response Code" (Response Code) Autonomous activation window. Click the "Activate" (Activate) và complete the activation.6. Restore the previously torn network connection và enjoy the registered version of the product!- = Method of the Patch 2. = -1. Run the install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. In the window where prompted to lớn enter a serial number or use the trial version, select "Use a trial or subscription" (Use trial or subscribtion) and cliông chồng "Install" (Install).NOTE: If you want to lớn be "on board" at the same time more than one language of the interface, then click "Configure" (Customize) & specify that you need Languages (Languages).2. After installation is complete, run adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter.exe pháo thư mục Craông xã Patch and patched with the help of "Adobe Acrobat Pro DC năm ngoái (32-Bit)".3. Enjoy the registered version of the product!- = Method Emul 3. = -1. Run the install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. In the window where prompted to enter a serial number or use the trial version, select "Use a trial or subscription" (Use trial or subscribtion) và click "Install" (Install).NOTE: If you want to be "on board" at the same time more than one language of the interface, then clichồng "Configure" (Customize) & specify that you need Languages (Languages).2. After installation is complete, cliông xã "Finish" (Finish), rather than the "Run Now" (Launch Now)! After that, run from the folder Crack Emul patcher amtemu.v0.9.2-painter.exe pháo , in the drop-down menu, choose "Adobe Acrobat DC" (the other settings do not need khổng lồ touch it) & click the Install button. Patcher will ask you to specify the location propatchivaetsya file.By mặc định, the 32-bit system is a way: the C: Program Files as Adobe Acrobat DC Acrobat amtlib.dllFor 64-bit is the way: the C: Program Files (the x86) as Adobe Acrobat DC Acrobat amtlib.dllNOTE: This method of treatment is completely detaches the program from Adobe Application Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud và other data exchange mechanisms with Adobe servers. There will be no checks the validity of the license, increase startup speed. But also will be removed from the use of online services programs tied khổng lồ Adobe servers.3. Enjoy the registered version of the product!The program can be installed multi-lingual. To change the language interface in the menu on the way "Edit-> Settings ...-> Language" (Edit-> Preferences ...-> Language), change the "language of the application" (Application Language) on "Select when the program starts" (Choose at application startup). Then restart the program & select the desired interface language in the pop-up window.Download Torrent (Size:784 MB)